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  1. Hello all. My brain has been a real flurry of ideas since I got this game literally a few hours ago. I have been thinking out and working on this idea for quite a while now so I hope you guys enjoy it. And as always I am fully open to comments and suggestions. If you think one part could be done better or even fully cut out please let me know. So here is my thoughts on... The Farming Update! The farming update would be much like the planned beekeeping and brewing updates. It would bring new content to the game that would be more fun for the later game and expand the amount of time people would find interest in a save. (and bring more chances for them to be mauled by a bear) In it we would get new tools, foods, resources, cabin expansions, and quality of life updates which I think personally are some of the best updates out there. I will start with a simple list of what this update would contain and expand the list below. Resources: There would have to be a few new resources able to be found around the map with this update. River Stones Bear Scat Tools: Shovel Rake Water Diversion Cabin Expansions: Watermill Farmlands Foods: Potatoes Carrots Lettuces Onions Strawberries Wheat Corn While this may seem like a lot I think that all of them would add great things to the game. From this point on I will go deeper into how each tool would work and then I will end with a sort of wrap up. I will start with the resources. These are likely the most important part of the game so it seems only fair that they would need to be well thought out and developed. And to save the developers some headaches I have done my best to make the new resources in this update as few as possible and wherever I could I used existing resources. So because of this there are only 2 new resources to add. Bear Scat and and River Stones. River Stones would be used in building some of the new tools and buildings in this update while Bear Scat would have a a smaller more well defined use that was less open ended. The River Stones would be obtained by using the new shovel tool in the area of the river and lake nearest to the cabin. They could stack to 10 like many other objects. Once picked up they would be used in a few projects and designs in the game. Bear Scat would be quite a bit harder to find. It could be found in areas with high bear activity. Like some camps and caves. Finding it would mean risking your to the most dangerous animal in the game. Scary! But what would make Bear Scat worth the danger and trouble (and smell) it brings? I'm glad you asked! Bear Scat would be used as a fertilizer or growing plants. When used in either the greenhouse or in the new farmlands it would speed up the grow time by 50%. This would cut the growing times of plants down by a lot and make it easier to get quick food in case of emergency. These 2 new resources, one fairly easy to obtain and one much harder, would be the building blocks of the entire update. Next we should move onto Tools included in this idea for an update. The tools are critical to making an enjoyable game experience and so they cannot be to overpowered but they also must not disappoint. Until I got my first Axe in the game I HATED running around finding wood. I can't imagine ever doing that again. The Shovel would be the first tool in this update. It could be crafted from a stick, a plank, and a metal plate. It would have a few uses and I will go in deeper about it in a moment but the main uses would be harvesting crops, gathering River Stones, and digging Irrigation Trenches. The Rake would be fairly simple. This would be crafted from some nails, and 2 sticks. Its main use would be to get a Farmland ready to plant in. The last of our 3 new tools would be the Water Diversion (Need a better name for this) . It could be crafted from 1 Driftwood, 4 River Stones, and 3 Sticks. It could be placed in the river to create a small pond with various uses. Now onto more in depth info about each item. The shovel would have 3 main uses. The first would be the collection of River Stones. When around the river and lake near the Cabin you could use the shovel on various deposits to collect river stones. They would thus be a fairly easy item to collect once you had a shovel. Another use of the shovel would be with the new farming plots and crops. The shovel would be used to harvest and collect some crops like Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions. Once they were done growing they would be harvested with the shovel and put into the player's inventory. The last use would be the creation if irrigation ditches. These would be small channels dug into the ground that if connected to a water source like a pond or river, would create a lush area nearby with a higher chance of growing mushrooms and other important foods. A sort of natural farm. Another option would be this could be a way to water farmlands however with the topography of the map it could be hard to get water to the cabin. Something would have to be implemented to help with this. So these are the tools that can be used to help find your way through the update. These could be expanded or cut down if it was needed but I feel like all 3 would be fun add-ons to the game. Now we will talk about the cabin expansions. This may be my favorite part of the update. It would be huge to have 2 new expansions to the cabin that I personally think could use some good expanding. The first building would be the Water Mill. It would be made of 3 nails, 3 old rags, 2 jute rope, 2 River Stones, and 8 ash planks. Wow that's a lot isn't it! Trust me. There is a good reason. The second one would be the brand new... Farmlands! These are what the entire update revolves around. They could be made from 1 River Stones, 4 Sticks, 16 Ash Planks, 4 Steel Wire, and 4 nails. Now before I go any farther with this I will say 1 thing. I understand that these both seem to be quite expensive and odd compared to the expansions already in the game however these are designed to be later game developments. We need later game goals and this could start filling those out. Though this is not a complete late game. We would need more then this. I will now go deeper into the features and uses of each item. Starting with the Farmlands as this will help with the progression of it all. Once built these will look like 2 fields of dirt. with low barriers of stone around them and poles at all 4 corners. These will have wires in between them to keep out large animals. Inside will be planter boxes for growing crops. Once one enters the gate on one of the fields, that will function much like to door on the cabin, you can use the new rake tool to clean up debris from the last planting. Then you may plant the new crops we will talk about later. Once the crops are done you can harvest them and use them. The rake will then need to be used again before you can plant again. There are 2 fields so you may have 2 fields of different crops going at the same time. The reasoning for outdoor fields is you can grow crops like corn that cannot be grown in the greenhouse. Once you have your crops what do you do with them? Well some of them like Strawberries can be eaten as is. Others may need to be cooked or ground. You can use the cookhouse for cooking but we have no grindstone. Thus, introducing the Watermill! It would be a small stone based building, with wood walls, and a small window and door. It would have a water wheel on one side of it. It would likely be built on the nearby river and this would show some signs of your expanding homestead. If irrigation trenches were implemented you could use water diversion and trenches to bring water to the mill at your house. When inside you could place certain grains into the grindstone made of lovely river stones and watch the machinery come to life and grind your grain or food. This could then be used to make a few new foods that could be decided on on a later date (like breads or tortillas depending on what was wanted.) I think both of these 2 new expansions to the cabin are very fun. They add great later game material that would start to make it feel less like you were surviving and more like you we starting to be a real homesteader. Lastly we are onto the core of this update. The new foods! I live in an environment very similar to the in-game one and I have a garden so I have tried to only pick crops that would be accurate and grow well in this environment. This update would contain 7 new foods and if the devs wanted they could make them into more new ones like salads and sandwiches. The new food items are Potatoes, Carrots, Lettuces, Onions ,Strawberries ,Wheat, and Corn. Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions would all require the new shovel to harvest while the others could be harvested by hand. Potatoes could be eaten raw though it would be much healthier and filling if they were cooked. Carrots are a good snack and thus pretty good raw. They are only slightly better cooked. Lettuce would be eaten raw. Cooked lettuce is nasty! Onions could only be eaten cooked. Strawberries are able to be eaten raw or cooked though they are not much different in health or filling either way. Cooked they would warm you up some though. Wheat would have to be ground in the new Watermill and then it would be cooked into bread.Lastly but not least. Corn. Corn could be cooked into corn on the cob if it was by itself. Corn stew with other things. Or ground up and made into Corn Flour. Corn Flour could likely also be made into bread. Potatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Onions, And Strawberries could all be grown in the greenhouse. Wheat and corn would have to be grown outside. All crops can be grown outside for more of them. An entire greenhouse may only produce a little bit of the crop but a field could produce 5-10 times as much. If irrigation ditches were not added you would need to use the watering can to water the seeds in the farmlands. Now the one disadvantage to crops in the farmlands is they take much longer to grow. A field of corn may take 3 days to fully grow but I think that is worth it for the amount of corn you would get when done. In the end I think this update is much needed for the game. I understand the sheer amount of work that would have to go into it but I also think that it would be good for players in the late game who needed goals. This update would take the game from feeling like a survival game into feeling more like a homesteading game. It would also open up the future to more updates that could expand from this. Perhaps a storage update with grain silos for storing food? Let me know what things you think could be expanded after this update. Also I will be drawing some of these ideas over the next few days and posting them down below so make sure to keep an eye out for those. Until next time stay safe. Avoid the bears. And make sure to let me know what you think below! (And I hope the devs are seeing this. If so Hi!)
  2. Heya! After searching in the discussions of this forum and sending an email (which I think was not the better thing to do idk) I decided to talk about my issue in a new topic, and hopefully it will help some others who have the same issue. I bought the game in closed pre-alpha when it came out last year. I played it and absolutely loved it! And Since a few weeks I came back to the game to play and clicked on the "Forum" button in the menu of the game. And then I saw that some patches were released. And that they could be downloaded on the itch.io plateform. My game is still at 0.2.9 version. The thing is that I lost the email giving me the link to the download files. And it looks like I've never created an account on itch... I don't really know how I managed to buy and download the game if an account was required. Anyway XD I downloaded the app and tried to copy past the game folder in the software and nothing happend as shown in my screenshot. Even after clicking on "scan the folder". The "Library" folder and the "Collection" folder stays empty. If someone here knows how to solve this problem I would be deeply sooooo greatful. And as I said in the email I sent, this game is such a jewel to play already and I don't mind if I just have to wait till summer on Epic or Itch This game is all I ever wanted to play and have in a game. Thanks and have a nice day And sorry if my English sounds weird, I'm french .
  3. Features: Fishing v1 The first iteration of fishing is now implemented in Among Trees! There are five fish types and you'll get fish fillets and fish bone by catching them. Some also give you fish skin which will be handy for crafting in a future update. Storage UI v2 We added some features to the storage box, some which has been requested in the feedback thread. Move entire stacks Show item details in storage menu by pressing middle mouse button Looking at the storage box now shows how many items there are in each box. Tent You can now carry a tent with you if you want to make longer trips. A tent can be uses three times (three nights). Other new features Storage extension with four new storage boxes. Swimming (Doesn't affect temperature at the moment, but will later on) Visuals: Two smaller waterfalls Better lake shader and lake look Changes: We've made some changes of how the game handles cooked food items. Warning: If you have an old save file with cooked food in your inventory or storage, you will loose those items. Decreased the shadow draw distance for performance improvements Other: Added a back button to the select difficulty screen Added support for other resolutions than 16:9. (Let us know if this enables 21:9 if you have one of those monitors.) The game now runs even if the game window is not in focus ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's next? We're going to take some time to work on AI improvements and some new animals. We also want to work on performance improvements the coming weeks and bugfixes.
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