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  1. New features: Hydration. You now also have to stay hydrated to survive. Water canteen item is added to the crafting menu. Instant crafting item to inventory when pressing the craft button. Custom keybinds. An all new keybind system which can be customized in the pause menu. Changes: The bear now avoids stealth grass until he has noticed you. Added death by bear attack sequence. Improved bear texture and shader. Replaced unity start resolution dialogue with "screen settings" in
  2. Thank you for your patience with this update. It's been a really bumpy ride the last couple of months where we had ideas that we tried implementing, but ended up not fitting the game or would take so much longer to implement than expected. That's the life of a game developer, it doesn't always go the way you plan it. Anyway, here's stuff we managed to add to the game! New features: Progression system: Every time you find a new plant, build a new cabin extension or explore a new area, it's is now added to your new journal to get an overview of your progres
  3. Hello all. My brain has been a real flurry of ideas since I got this game literally a few hours ago. I have been thinking out and working on this idea for quite a while now so I hope you guys enjoy it. And as always I am fully open to comments and suggestions. If you think one part could be done better or even fully cut out please let me know. So here is my thoughts on... The Farming Update! The farming update would be much like the planned beekeeping and brewing updates. It would bring new content to the game that would be more fun for the later game and expand the amount of time peo
  4. Heya! After searching in the discussions of this forum and sending an email (which I think was not the better thing to do idk) I decided to talk about my issue in a new topic, and hopefully it will help some others who have the same issue. I bought the game in closed pre-alpha when it came out last year. I played it and absolutely loved it! And Since a few weeks I came back to the game to play and clicked on the "Forum" button in the menu of the game. And then I saw that some patches were released. And that they could be downloaded on the itch.io plateform. My game is still at 0.2.9 ve
  5. Features: Fishing v1 The first iteration of fishing is now implemented in Among Trees! There are five fish types and you'll get fish fillets and fish bone by catching them. Some also give you fish skin which will be handy for crafting in a future update. Storage UI v2 We added some features to the storage box, some which has been requested in the feedback thread. Move entire stacks Show item details in storage menu by pressing middle mouse button Looking at the storage box now shows how many items there are in each box.
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