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Patch 0.2.12 July 17, 2019

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  • Added a game mode selection. The new mode doesn't have dangerous bears
  • Added game difficulties. Easy, normal and hard
  • Day cycle visuals v2
  • Increased the day cycle length (this might result in weird day cycle in old saves, it should, however, reset after sleeping again.)
  • Increased the spawn rate and size of the Chicory item
  • Increased the hoof fungus loot collider
  • Increased the distance the player needs to be when refilling the water can
  • Lowered the beehive sound and increased the smash sound
  • Lowered the bear footstep sound range
  • Increased stamina stats for one of the clothing items


  • Picking up an item that plays an animation and opening the inventory right after doesn't loot the item
  • Clothes upgrade doesn't affect the temperature
  • After crafting the final clothing, the stamina ceased to disappear
  • Blurred vision while cooking
  • The cooking menu sometimes plays menu sound twice
  • Cooking menu removed more items than it should
  • Refill tinder UI doesn't rotate towards the camera
  • Items re-spawning on loading last save
  • Blueprints remain visible after collecting it earlier on
  • When pressing 0 key to unequip a tool, the fire chanterelle gets an equipped icon, when discarding it the hand icon disappears
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