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I ran into some things that I thought may make it more user friendly.

One thing I noticed was no drag and drop/drag and swap option in the storage or pockets.
I've had to throw away items just so I could swap items from my pocket to the storage.
Along with this is not being able to stack seeds and the lack of variety of seeds.
Maybe being able to breakdown plants into more seeds to grow them in the greenhouse/garden.

Second, I thought being able to add custom markers to the map for players to mark certain areas to visit again would be lovely

Another is a scaling/climbing action to climb up the boulders, I'd love to parkour through the map a bit and enjoy the views from different heights.

Finally, I think making dishes for variety of stats in the kitchen would be a new experience to the game.
I love the simplicity of the soups and the flexibility it allows, but they cannot stack and take up space in storage.

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added ideas :)
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I have an idea for a couple of additons. First being a porch where there could be a wood storage box, a porch swing or chair and maybe hanging plants for decoration. Make the chair usable so that when you sit in it, the hunger - tired meter temporarity stops so you can view your maps, journals or just take in the scenery.

The second being a root cellar accessible via outside. A perfect enviornment for mushroom growing. I love cookin the mushrooms with the beets/turnips. but i think i picked just about every button mushroom in map. lol....

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