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I beat the game.

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I've beaten the game I think, there is nothing left for me to do, I have crafted everything and been everywhere on the map.

Hopefully in the future there will be more of a reason to continue playing the game. For example, seasonal weather, hunting/trapping (bow hunting as I think a gunshot noise would ruin the feel of the game?), maybe a notebook that will tell you about the things that you find (their uses) and the animals that you see (binoculars?), food storage for winter (canning, drying), I think seed packets should stack also and the plants shouldn't die if you camp for the night after watering them fully.

I really love this game and I'll probably revisit it from time to time to make some stew or go fishing with my fox.

Until then, enjoy being Among Trees and see you on the next update.


Kitchen Among tree.png

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Thank you for supporting the game and playing through the Early Access! 

You can read on the roadmap (subjected to change) what we have planned for the game in the future. 

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