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It's been 4 days now of fishing. There has got to be an easier way. I have watched a lot of videos, read a lot of comments, still cannot bring up a fish. Tension too low mostly. This should be easier to do, as you need to feed your fox, and make clothing. My fox hasn't eaten since the day I got him. I have played numerous fishing games in the past, and this one is by far the hardest. 

Been watching this guy as he easily catches fish. Wondering what I'm doing wrong. This is a deal breaker for me to play the game.


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would it be possible for you to show us a video of you fishing? Maybe we can offer suggestions?


My strategy is to hook something and pull sideways at about a horizontal or slightly above direction, not far from the pole. if the tension dips down, I know I'm pulling in the wrong direction and I drag my mouse to the other side of the pole, again close to horizontal. If the tension goes up but slowly, I pull my mouse farther away from the pole to increase the tension. When it dips suddenly, I know it's time to switch back to the other side of the pole with my mouse again.

EDIT: if the tension climbs really fast, I get closer to the pole and change the angle of my line to farther from horizontal to ease the tension. Then I go back to creeping the tension back up. I think I probably switch sides about every second or three, and probably swap about 15 times in a single fishing attempt.

Does that help?

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