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I really wanted to like this game. IT is EXACTLY the KIND of game I want. however, it seems they/you focused entirely on how it looks and didn't care too much how it works.

First, people don't starve to death in a day, or die of thirst either. an average human can go thee days without water and seven without food. sure, this is not reality, but as a game that makes it EVEN WORSE. constantly being driven by unrealistic dietary and climate demands kills the fun of the game. btw, what biome do you know of that grows all forms of plants and berries by day and can freeze a man to death at night? This is INSANE.

why have bears that do not wander off at times that you can't fight at all (I am not that far into the game, 30 days, and not accomplishing much.) why can't I sneak up and take items?

Problems: NEVER put tools IN the backpack. It is not only unrealistic, but backpack space is too limited as it is. large tools like picks and axes are carried OUTSIDE a backpack, on a belt or tied to the backpack's OUTSIDE. Compasses are attached to belt or pocket for quick reference. btw, how are a pack of seeds, usually 3x5 inches, taking up an entire slot? You should be able to stack them almost ENDLESSLY. now, I know many things are totally unrealistic, but altered for game play, like a stack of ten sticks in a slot in the backpack when really you couldn't fit ONE stick inside a backpack, but that just reinforced the point. THIS IS A GAME. sure, we can't REALLY carry a whole tree home.at once, but why not give many sticks and planks? a good size tree should give ten or more planks and at least double that in sticks. The shortness of the days makes that a necessity.  I barely have time to GET somewhere before I have to leave or risk death. no fun at all. IT is ODD that you can't build a fire or camp at a distance from the start. Hell. who goes hiking long distances in the woods without a sleeping bag and maybe a small tent? no one. who does same without at least an axe? no one. same with compass and map. need those to start.

You have fairly large rooms for specific purpose, but no STORAGE in said rooms for related materials. that just doesn't work. due to the shortness of days, you really need not only storage in there, but have it linked to the crafting station so that you go to the station and it gives you a list of things you have materials to make, and just click on them.

oh yeah, dropping stuff. I have NEVER seen a game where you couldn't drop stuff and come back later to get it (yeah, memory is probably forgetting those that do, but it sholdn't ever happen).. you could even leave "breadcrumb" trails of items to lead back to a good site you want to go back to. I'd love to be able to clean out bushes and stones and trees from around the cabin, too. maybe even cut trails and even plant tress to make a border along the trail to make it REALLY clear. even just those small "stick" tree-bushes.


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It seems really odd that you want a nonviolent game, so we can't hunt, but he bear can attack and kill us easily. if you didn't want a violent game, why did you put the bear guarding stuff we need? THAT was uncalled for and hurts the game. have the bears out somewhere there is nothing. not to mention we can fish, which is violence against THEM. As is I will NEVER be able tog et anything where the bears are.


oh. in case you forgot, fishing is way too hard and involved. needs to be like other games stardew valley you use bait and cast and wait. get a ding then pull. more than sufficient in a game where days are minutes long, fighting a fish for 3 minutes is like hours long. having fishing be this realistic when the rst is totally absurd, is really dumb. (build a cabin with ten boards and 6 sticks? come on...most other blueprints make no sense either. )


oh found the campfire. was excited that I could now cook away from home. NOPE. what I S the purpose of the fire? btw, is it EVER not this insane weird climate? freezing to death at night?


guess I am wasting my time. no one is reading this.

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