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Just a few suggestions.

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I'd like to preface this with saying I'm not sure I saw this suggestion already in the forums here, and if I'm repeating another person's suggestion, I apologize in advance! 🙂

One thing that I would suggest with the crafting, is to somehow be able to see if you have items in storage when you look at the crafting areas (i.e. the crafting bench, brewery, sewing table etc). You can only see the things in your backpack, but if you're like me and have stored away different materials for later use, you could know if you have the items already without running to each of your storage boxes. Like maybe a small notation below each item like:
0 / 10 sticks in backpack
20 sticks in storage

I'd also like to echo some of the other suggestions I have seen while perusing the forums, just boosting the signal 🙂❤️ :

Some have suggested a bee apiary. I think that would be awesome! 

Personal map icons would also be great, so you can remember where you saw that dogbane you needed but couldn't pick it up because your bags were full (or whatever else you need to find later, but couldn't remember -exactly- where you saw it at).

Also, I like the idea someone else had for a rain barrel, for collecting water, or perhaps even a way to make a blue-print for a hydroponic set-up with the greenhouse, with some kind of set up for pipes to pump water through to automatically water plants, which brings us to the option to expand the greenhouse and/or have more plants available to grow. That might be a bit much to suggest, but some kind of automatic watering system would be neat to craft. 

I also very much see the need for small storage in the crafting rooms. 

All in all, I'm very much enjoying the relaxing feel of this game. It's very beautiful and so peaceful, thank you so much for creating it. You devs have done a stellar job. I hope we can see more in the future for this game. ❤️ 

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echoed my thoughts on  several issues. need storage in teh rooms you craft in that ties to teh crating station so it pulls from them.

I have always failed to grasp why the player icon on the map was not an arrow so you know which direction you are heading. didn't think far enough through to get to personal waypoint markers. that IS a good idea. 

rain barrel is good, but why not a water tank in teh kitchen you can drop by and take a drink. even if required to fill from canteen and/or water can, that would STILL Be cool.

I thought of a watering system for the greenhouse too. also need a way to save seeds from plants. maybe designate one hill for seed that gives at LEASt two packs, four would be better, so you could build up a reserve.


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