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Update 0.3.10 April 27, 2020

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Posted (edited)

Thank you all for your patience with this update!

What's new:

  • Campfire item
  • Campfire cooking kit item
  • Cabin decoration system. 5 wooden sculpts decoration items.
  • Bigger map. Twice the size than before.
  • No HUD screenshot shortcut [ F3 ]

What's changed:

  • Optimizations.
  • Keybindings screen.  (Changing keybindings is not yet supported)
  • Mouse sensitivity can now be max 3 instead of 1.
  • Removed North indication on compass texture.
  • More graphics settings
  • Temporary intro "waking up" animation
  • Looting garden plants now randomly spawn new seeds.


Known issues:
See active bug reports on Monday:  https://view.monday.com/251354702-6f02f6717194237455b3774ff2c90784

See "Closed" section on Monday:  https://view.monday.com/251354702-6f02f6717194237455b3774ff2c90784


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Now that I've gotten to the tent in the blueprint tree, I can pretty much say that this is a great addition, and that campfire cooking is something I didn't know I needed. And thank you for higher mouse sensitivity options for lunatics like me!

On a side note, adding  a flock of small birds flying overhead on the intro "waking up" animation as the player's eyes are opening would really drive home that "nature is awe-inspiring" vibe you've got going on here.

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The birds would be a nice touch! We can add that to the list of add on we might work on!

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback! The campfire is very useful for long hiking sessions indeed! 

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