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Camera or Screenshot Tool

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Hi, really enjoying the game so far!

One suggestion I have that I didn't see on the Monday list was a camera to take pictures of the scenery in game.  I learned about this game via the work of Mikael Gustafsson and I would really love the opportunity to take pictures in game without having to use an external function. If this feature is considered, I can of course understand if it would have to wait until after the NDA lifts to be implemented.

Attached are some examples from other aesthetic games that may serve as inspiration for what I mean:


Firewatch has an optionally findable disposable camera with a limited amount of shots:



In Subnautica, if you take a screenshot in game, it's saved and you can use it as a decoration on the wall of any home you build. (Potential spoilers of game creatures).


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I haven't played yet (downloaded but haven't had time), but i really liked Firewatch's camera. It was a really cool way to take screenshots while still feeling emersed in the game. IMO, screenshots and then a photo editor in the game breaks the imersion. A camera would be really cool and would keep the feel of the game (At least what i have seen so far without playing)

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It might be a cool idea to be able to find a camera in somebody's lost backpack or in a deserted camp side for example. And this camera will give you the option to add filters and such to your photos. An old fashioned Instant camera would be really cool so you can take the photos you made and put them on the cabins walls.

(And you also get an achievement when you find it. Everybody is happy.)

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