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Hotfix 0.2.10 - July 5, 2019

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  • Exit the game from the "You died" menu doesn't crash the game anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get attacked by a bear while having escaped inside the cabin.
  • Made changes to the Lime mineral collider. To prevent it from falling through the ground. Also removed some stones around the mineral area which didn't have colliders, which the mineral might have fallen through.
  • Temporary fix: The bed also checks if you're tired not only if it's nighttime. This is while we further investigate why sometimes the day and night cycle stops and keeps you from going to sleep, even though you're sleepy.



  • The bear will now stop chasing you if you're more than 40 meters from it. It will also stop chasing you if it can't catch you after 7 seconds.
  • Increased the hoof fungus spawn rate
  • Added more sticks around intro area
  • The poisoned state now decreases health at a slower rate
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