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I love the idea of the campfire, however I feel that a one time use is not satisfying. I have noticed that the campfire after the fire has gone out. it will linger on the ground for a while. it would be so awesome if we could refill the campfire with sticks, and have some way to re-light the fire. perhaps with a fire starter kit. I think that would be a good general idea, and just have it where you can only re-light the campfire three times before you have to craft another, same as the tent. 

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I was hoping that making a single-use campfire would be something we could do away from the craft room. I don't need a worktable in the real world to make a campfire out of rope and wood. If I need any tools, it would be the axe, which I take with me everywhere anyway (in case of beehives).

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I can't get out and about so this game has blessed me. Please upgrade the campfire so it can be picked up and used again like so many other games do. I love going for long walks looking at everything and then have a campfire at the tent site.  Thank you.

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